Vaporisateur à herbe sèche, ATMAN STARLIGHT pour les herbes et la cire, 2800mAh batterie portable, sans nicotine

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Why Temperature control System?
①First, Dry herb and concentrat have different fusion point, we need distinguish the right temperature when you use different materials
②Second, Like dry herb, some people like using high temperature like 500F but some people think 500F it’s too high to burn their material, they like 410F which taste more lighter.
③Third, Protecting your material. Too high temperature will burn or damage the material, and too low temperature doesn’t work. Labeling specific temperature, save time and get easy to use the device.
Power on
1)Turning on the Starlight
Click the power button for 5 times in 2 seconds, and the four small lights will flash 3 times to indicate the device power on.
2)Loading the Starlight
Open the glass mouthpiece and magnet cap, and fill the chamber with flower or wax.
For dry herb, maximum fill 2/3 of chamber will be the best For Wax, maximum fill 1/2 of chamber will be the best Then close the cap and mouthpiece and choose a desired temperature level. Waiting for the light turn to solid and then you can begin to smoke.

Operation with the temperature control system
1)change the temperature levels: Turn on the device, and there will be a setting level already (different items have different setting) light one, then click the power button for 3 times in 2 seconds. Meantime temperature will turn to the next level and flash 3 times. When the temperature reaches to the highest level, the device will cycle change from the lowest one.
2)Heating: Hold the power button for 3 seconds, the power button will turn to red and the chosen small light will light on. when reaching the temperature set, the power button will turn to green. 
3)Stop heating: Hold the power button for 3 seconds, the power button and four small lights will turn off together which indicates the device stop heating.
Power off
Click the power button for 5 times in 2 se

★ 4 Temperature Setting: ATMAN Starlight is equipped with advanced temperature controls system in four levles in total. 320˚F, 380˚F, 410˚F, 500˚F. Adjustable temperature for your choice, choose your favorite level and make the device work in best condition.
★ Omit trouble:Magentic clear mouthpiece and replacement heating chamber make the device is much easier to use, Different from tradiontional operation screw, this device is designed by magnetic mouthpiece and ash filter, easy to take off and clean.
★ 2800mah Li-ion battery, last longer working time till 5 minutes,And provide enough heavy vapor when smoking.long working hours, somost satisfying vapor from your favorite plants or concentrates.
★ ATMAN Starlight herb vaporizer comes with 1 year warranty,We have been doing our best for the customer experience, if you have any dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact our store, we‘’ll solve the problem for you at the first time.

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