Que choisir : 45 super clever things on Amazon you’ll wish you bought a lot sooner

There are moments in your day, places in your life, and things you do frequently that are more difficult, not as fun, or maybe just not as spic and span as they could be. It’s hard to identify those things in your own life because they are usually habits you learned a long time ago. They have become invisible to you. But when you discover a method or tool for doing them differently, it’s like a revelation. Why wasn’t I doing this before? It’s hilarious that one of the places it’s possible to find this sort of self-awakening is on Amazon. You can’t quite shop for self-awareness there yet. (But I’m sure you will be able to someday!) But you can find personal change thereby discovering tools and products that are better — or that show you a better way — than your old method. Until artificial intelligence finds a way to show you a way to manage your procrastination or take a nap while you’re struggling to do it, I did the hard work and tracked down these 45 super clever things on Amazon you’ll wish you bought a lot sooner.

1. A beefy power strip that protects your gear

Stop daisy-chaining cheap power strips together and protect your gear (with a $300,000 gear warranty) by plugging all your expensive equipment into this quality power strip and surge protector. Everything will be more organized because this strip has 12 outlets and eight of them rotate. It protects your expensive gear from power spikes, too — thus the warranty. And it has plugs for Ethernet and audio cables. There’s a cord-management clip to keep the wires tidy.

2. This tiny rechargeable vacuum for your desk

How do you get all the crud out of your keyboard? Or out of that desk drawer or those tiny crevices in the car? I’m sure you have a method but this tiny, handheld, rechargeable vacuum cleaner is better. It’s just powerful enough for the crumbs and dust that collect in a keyboard or other small machines. You can use it plugged into a USB port or go cord-free. It holds a charge for a surprisingly long time.

3. A seat cushion that will save your back

Sitting is as bad for you as smoking. But sitting in a hard chair is worse than that. Put this seat cushion under your butt and it will gently adjust the angle of your posture while creating a space for your coccyx bone to float above that hard surface. If you aren’t injured yet, it will protect your spine from the potential damage of constant pressure against a hard surface. And if your back is already hurting, it’s therapeutic.

4. An all-in-one solution for charging your iPhone and accessories

Did you fail to anticipate the charger mess that a phone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds would create on your bedside table or desk? This three-in-one wireless charger for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods is a quick and easy solution. It’s modular. Snap the two pads together magnetically and use them as one charger — with one cord — or plug them in separately to create a phone charger and an accessories charger.

5. This webcam cover that protects your privacy

You probably never gave that tiny camera in your laptop much thought before you started using it constantly for Zoom meetings. But it’s been looking right at you from the first time you opened your laptop. And webcams are notoriously easy to hack. Stop miscreants from looking at you through that tiny window by covering it with one of these simple, effective webcam covers. It sticks on easily. You will never notice it’s there. But now you can block your webcam when you aren’t using it. You get two in this pack so you can give one to a friend.

6. This desk lamp that’s also a phone charger

There are two things every desk needs: A task light and a phone charger. This light saves space and prevents clutter by being both of those things. The LED light is awesome, too. It’s a gooseneck arm so you can point the light where you need it. And the light adjusts to three levels easily with a light tap on the button. One USB port gives you a place to charge your phone or tablet. All of this in a sleek light with a small footprint.

7. An extra console for your car that’s easy to add or remove

Not enough room in your car for all the items you need handy? You can give yourself two cup holders and an accessory slot simply by sliding this pocket console between the passenger seat and the center console of your car. It’s as easy to uninstall as it is to install so you can keep all your gear at hand while driving alone or pull it out to make room for a passenger.

8. This wedge pillow that elevates your head for better sleep

Sleeping on your back can reduce shoulder and neck pain but it also leads to breathing problems, congestion, and snoring. This memory foam wedge solves all those problems at once by elevating your head and shoulders so you sleep on your back but are still able to breathe comfortably. It comes in two pieces you so you can adjust the level of elevation before you zip it into the included bamboo fiber cover.

9. This cooling weighted blanket that induces deep sleep

Climbing under covers that are heavy enough to make you feel protected is a wonderful feeling. People find the sensation alleviates anxiety and induces deep calm sleep. This weighted blanket gives you that sensation without creating too much heat because it’s made from 100% cotton. Choose the weight and size that match your body and bed. For the best experience, you want a blanket that’s between 7-12 percent of your body weight.

10. An easy way to make your own cold brew coffee

Ready to kick your drive-through coffee habit but not willing to give up that cold brew? This. Fill the brewer portion with beans. Pour water through the rainmaker. Let your brew drip slowly into the carafe below. You can brew it on your counter or in the fridge. And it’ll make enough coffee at once to last you several days. The coffee is delicious and has less acid than with other methods and the carafe — with its cork stopper — looks cool.

11. These fridge mats that preserve your produce

Tired of reaching into the produce drawer and finding bruised and moldy fruits and vegetables? Line your produce drawer with these mats. They soften the surface to prevent bruising that causes rot and they absorb the moisture that causes mold. Not only with your produce last longer, but your drawers will also look spiffy.

12. An under-bed light so you don’t stumble when you get up in the night

These motion-activated under-bed lights are a great solution if you — or a child or parent — tend to get up in the night. With these installed, you don’t have to turn on a bright light to see where you’re going. They are also a slick way to light a closet or the stairs. They give off a warm white light that’s adjustable and only comes on when it senses motion. You can set how long it stays on before it shuts off automatically. They are easy to install — just stick them where you want them — and the results are beautiful.

13. These suction cup organizers that bring order where you want it

Need a place to keep your razor in the shower, hang a dishtowel in the kitchen, or stash your toothbrush next to the sink? This suction cup set is perfect. You get one cup and one hook. To mount them, just push the button to remove air and create suction. The hook and cup with a stick to your tile or glass surface. The cup has drain holes so you can use it in the shower or sink. That was a lot easier to solve than you thought, right?

14. This organizer that keeps everything handy in your car

If the back seat of your car is a jumble of umbrellas, water bottles, and lost sunglasses, it’s not you. It’s the nature of cars. Hang this organizer over the headrest and stash all the necessaries you find back there to bring order to your rolling chaos. Add some charging cables and a backup battery to one of the pockets. Keep a full bottle of water in another. There’s room for a tablet or notebook, too. Now your car is not only neat but you are ready for whatever happens.

15. These strap extenders that make a mask more comfortable

Turn that uncomfortable mask into something you can wear comfortably by hooking the loops to this strap extender instead of to your own ears. There are three buttons on each side so you can adjust the mask to fit you quickly and easily. You get six in this pack so you can keep one everywhere you are likely to reach for a mask. You’ll never suffer from mask ear again.

16. This organizer bag that brings order to your cable chaos

The brilliant combination of adjustable dividers and colorful cord wraps in this bag can turn an entire junk drawer of impossible-to-access cables and electronic detritus into a handy suitcase of clarity and easy access. Everyone has a collection of cables, chargers, and accessories but each one is different. This bag lets you organize yours the way you want it. Then zip it closed and you’ll know where everything is and none of it will be an unsolvable tangle.

17. These stress balls that make fidgeting productive

Do you jiggle a leg, click a pen, or otherwise need to fidget in order to focus? These balls will help you direct that energy into an action that’s less irritating to people around you and that’s good for you. Instead of drumming, squeeze the softball in this collection. It’s quiet and will help you build grip strength so you can work up to the medium and hard versions. It’s good for your mind as well as for your carpal tunnel or arthritis.

18. This clock and timer that helps you manage procrastination

Having productivity problems? Try time boxing. Turn this clock to 45 minutes (or whatever works for you) and focus for that amount of time. When the alarm sounds, turn it to five minutes and take a break. Do that again and again and you’ll burn through your task list and feel less burnt at the end of the day. You can also use it to keep meetings in check and time your workouts.

19. This lap desk that improves laptop ergonomics

Like the ‘lap’ feature of your laptop? It’s bad for your back and neck, though. And that glide pad, while handy, is terrible for your hands. This adjustable lap desk answers both of those problems by allowing you to set the angle of your laptop to the angle of your chair — or bed. It sits atop two cotton pads that keep your legs comfy and cool. And there’s a slide-out tray for the mouse.

20. This monitor stand that adjusts to your desk size and tech needs

Set this monitor stand on your desk and it will lift as many as three monitors up off the desk to a more ergonomic height. Only have one or two monitors? It adjusts for that. Just slide the end pieces closer together. The side pieces swivel, too, so you can pull the two monitors on the side into an angled position. It also creates space under the monitors for storage and organization or shelves that supply vertical storage.

21. This three-pack of polarized sunglasses

If you are devoted to cheap sunglasses because you lose or break every pair of good ones you buy, this collection of three polarized sunglasses for $10 is an even better deal than the gas-station variety you have been destroying. There are three colors. They look good. They are polarized. A pack of three costs $10. Even if you just want a backup pair to keep in your car and kayak, this is a no brainer.

22. This clever phone mount that works anywhere

This phone mount works wherever you want to put it. You can stick it to a surface — your dash, windshield, or desk — with the strong suction cup mount or snap it into the vents in your dash. The articulating arm puts your phone right where you want it. It grips your phone firmly from the bottom and both sides but it’s easy to grab your phone and go. Just push the buttons on the sides and the gripper arms open right up, releasing it.

23. This eye mask that plays music right to your ears for better naps

When you want a nap, an eye mask is a terrific way to control light so your brain can rest. But what about sound? This eye mask lets you completely control all the stimuli that get to your brain to keep you from sleeping. The eye mask is soft and comfy and blocks out light. The headphones are minimal and deliver an audiobook, white noise, or music directly to your ears so random sounds don’t wake you. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth so there are no wires. Want to wash them? Pull out the electronics and throw them in the wash.

24. This arm band that holds your phone while you run

When running, hiking, or walking — or even cleaning the house — it’s a challenge to find a place to put your phone that also lets you access it without stopping to pull it out of a pocket. This armband is a simple, inexpensive solution to this very common problem. Strap it to your arm, cinch the elastic band around the corners of your phone, and go. You can rotate your phone to see the navigation, answer a call or text, or change your listening options without stopping what you’re doing.

25. A cellphone kickstand that makes your phone so much better

You are going to kick yourself after you stick this inexpensive kickstand to the back of your phone and realize how handy it is to always be able to set your phone down at an angle that lets you see the screen. It will stick to any hard surface — a case or the back of your phone — and be forever ready to use. Press it gently and the stand springs out. Then set your phone down to watch videos, read recipes, or do video calls. No bulky desk stand required. And it’s always with you.

26. This workout system that builds killer abs

If you’d bought this ab roller kit with bands and push-up bars weeks ago, you’d be rocking a six-pack by now. But today is the next best thing. The ab roller gives an intense ab workout. The resistance bands offer both an assist while you are building strength and an added challenge once you get there. The push-up bars let you do push-ups and use the ab roller without hurting your wrists. The pad is handy if you want to work out on a hard floor.

27. These work gloves that protect your hands from everything

A good pair of work gloves is essential. This pair is so versatile, dexterous, and strong that you can use them for everything from potting plants to carrying stone to working with heavy machinery. They are knitted from a strong but lightweight fiber so they flex. They are coated with polyurethane so they protect you from sharp or hard objects. And they are water-resistant in the palm and fingers so you can handle wet or gross materials without getting it on your hands.

28. This high-strength hemp oil that’s affordable

Hemp oil is great for joint pain, headaches, and other common aches and pains. And many people find it helps with anxiety and sleeplessness. But a hemp oil with a dosage high enough to be useful can be prohibitively expensive. This two-pack of 1000 MG oil is just $20. And people are using it to treat everything from arthritis to stress. It’s also loaded with healthy fatty acids.

29. This solar-powered phone charger so you are ready for anything

This has been a year of disasters. Last year? And the year before? Same. Your phone is your lifeline in any disaster. But what happens if the power goes out during a disaster (it often does) — for days? You will set this charger in a sunny window during the day and charge your phone with it at night. It’s also a flashlight so you will also always know where to find a flashlight that’s charged. (Because the sun kept it charged before the disaster hit.) Be ready! The apocalypse is nigh!

30. These completely wireless earbuds you can afford

While everyone else is paying hundreds to look like they left a Q-Tip in their ears, you will be wearing this waterproof, wireless, pair of earbud-looking earbuds that cost $30, including the charging case. Not only that but the charging case charges wirelessly, too, so you just put the buds in the case and set it down on a Qi-compatible charger to keep them ready. There are five color choices.

31. This tool for your key chain that opens everything you want open

What do you open most often? Your doors, sure. But also packages from Amazon and bottles, right? Clip this handy multi-tool to your key chain and you won’t have to hunt up a tool to open any of those things. It will also serve as a screwdriver, try tool, and cord cutter. And the carabiner is super handy for organizing your key ring.

32. These chopsticks that enable lightsaber battles at dinner

Bring some Star Wars battle tools to your stir-fry meals. These chopsticks look like light sabers. And they light up like lightsabers. So they make it possible to have food fights that involve light sabers. And that’s something every Star Wars fan hopes for. They turn on with a simple button push and are powered with a small watch battery. Choose the color that expresses your character when you order. There are nine options.

33. This light that leads your right to the toilet bowl

When you get up in the night, where are you most likely headed? The toilet? Make that thing a beacon of light in the distance so you can easily find it and be amused by the colored light you were wise enough to install in there in the daytime. The light from this toilet bowl light only comes on at night and it will save you from turning on the overhead light just cause you to have to go.

34. A doorbell that’s simple to install and has 52 chimes

This wireless doorbell is so simple. Why run wires? Stick it to the door, mailbox, or — or anywhere you like. Then plug the chime portion into an outlet near where you want to hear it. You can change the ring tone as often as you like or leave it on the default doorbell sound. There are 52 sounds to choose from. It works even if the two pieces are as much as 1,000 feet apart.

35. The easy way to remove back hair

Back shaving is a task that’s harder than people without back hair can imagine. Often getting the job done involves injury and begging for assistance from the very people you’d rather not tell about your back shaving routine. Enter the Bakblade. It reaches where you can’t, doesn’t hurt you, and works in the shower or dry and in front of your mirror. It’s so simple you will wonder why you ever did any of those other things.

36. A rearview mirror that’s also a dashcam and backup camera

No backup camera in your car? Install this clever device over your current rear-view mirror, connect a few wires, and now you do. You’ll also have a dashcam that automatically starts recording in the event of an accident so you’ll have proof for your insurance claims. It does picture-in-picture so you can see forward and backward at the same time. And it’s totally affordable.

37. This shower filter that gets you super clean

If you get out of the shower feeling less than clean, the problem is probably your water — or your shower pressure. This showerhead fixes both of those. It filters the water — and delivers a forceful stream — so that when you wash, you aren’t dousing yourself in chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other dirt and impurities that are in your city water. Your hair and skin will thank you.

38. A six-pack of grocery bags so you never run out

Bringing a bag to the grocery store is necessary these days. That doesn’t make it easier to remember. But having enough bags helps. Stash one of these bags — there are six — that packs up small and are decorated with adorable animals in your car, backpack, by the front door, and anywhere else that’s handy.

39. This pillow that’s like a trip to the chiropractor

After a day of working at a laptop or staring at your phone, your neck hurts. Asking for a neck rub is one way to cope. This pillow is better though. It isn’t for sleeping. It’s for treating that common, modern-day side effect of living through screens. It lets your neck relax, decompresses your upper spine, and relieves the tension in your shoulders and upper back. Just lie back with it under your neck for 15 minutes a day.

40. A genius way to turn a shower into a spa treatment

If you weren’t aware that shower steamers are a thing, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Open a package of these shower steamers, drop the puck into the hot water stream in your shower, and enjoy the eucalyptus and mint steam that will fill your sinuses and relieve congestion, energize your day, and make you feel both fresh and spoiled at the same time.

41. A shoe spray that stops that gross shoe stink

You don’t have to live with foul-smelling footwear. Just spray this stuff into your shoes to stop the stink. It works for sports equipment, too. And it’s more than a cover-up. It kills the bacteria that cause the odor. The nozzle is designed so that you just put it in your shoes and press down on the can. That triggers it to spray the entire interior of the shoe with a smell-killing agent.

42. This under-desk hammock so you can put your feet up

Not only does it feel good to elevate your feet when you sit at a desk, but it’s also good for your legs, feet, and back. This foot hammock installs easily under your desk with the two included clamps so you can stop using the trash can for this. It looks sharp and you can get the height just right. It uninstalls just as easily so you can take it with you if you change desks. The clamps also double as handy hooks for a bag or headphones.

43. This colander that drains cans safely and quickly

Getting the liquid out of canned beans, vegetables, and fruits is much easier if you snap this can colander onto the can after you remove the lid. Then just invert the can and empty all the liquid right into the sink. You can stop using the can lid for this task. This is safer and works much better.

44. This spray that scrubs all your screens of germs and fingerprints

Everything is a touch screen now, right? The phone, laptop, tablet, in-car head unit, and more. That means everything is covered in fingerprints and germs most of the time. But how do you clean a touch screen? This Woosh! spray is how. It has no alcohol and won’t damage your screen. But it gets rid of the smudges and germs. This is a big bottle of it so you can clean all your screens. It comes with a microfiber cloth that’s perfect for the task.

45. The fast cure for those dry cracks in your heels

Forget about the expensive pedicures, elaborate soak-and-pumice routines, socks, and everything else you have been doing. Just rub this stuff on your heel and go back to a life that does not include painful cracks in your poor heels. Reviewers claim this works almost instantly and blows minds for how cured their heels are after a few uses. Also? It smells like peppermint.

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  • Mode de préchauffage:On adopte une autre conception du mode préchauffage.Lorsque la batterie est en mode veille, appuyez deux fois de suite sur le bouton pour passer en état de préchauffage constant à 150°C. A ce moment-là,vous n’avez plus besoin de appuyer le boutotn,dès que vous vapotez,la machine fonctionne et le Led indicateur sera lumineux.Et elle va arrêter de fonctionner automatiquement dès que vous ne l’utilisez pas.Pour plus de details, vous pouvez lire attentivement le mode d'emploi
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vaporisateur WOLKENKRAFT FENiX Mini vaporisateur pour herbes, résines et huiles - CONVECTION RÉEL!! Dernière version 2019! * Bois design * * SANS NICOTINE !! *
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Cigarette électroniques Kit, Kriogor 80W Atomiseur Cigarette Electronique 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery with Huge Vapour,Simple Operation LED Display,No E Liquid,Nicotine Free
  • 【7 à 80 Watts】 Puissance réglable de 7w à 80w en fonction de vos habitudes de fumer. L'écran OLED vous montre clairement les données (y compris le niveau de puissance, l'état de la batterie, la résistance de l'atomiseur en temps réel). Il est adapté aux débutants.
  • 【Batterie 2500mAh】 Construit en pleine capacité haute qualité batterie rechargeable au lithium, batterie longue durée, chargeur micro USB est insérée dans le port USB externe.
  • 【Conception de poche】 Une plateforme courbée, compacte et tendance, un tout dernier réservoir de 2 ml de la bouche au poumon, réduit le débit de circulation de l'air. C'est un meilleur kit de vape de cabine qui offre une meilleure expérience de saveur.
  • 【Facile à utiliser】 Vous pouvez activer et désactiver la batterie en appuyant rapidement 5 fois sur le bouton d'alimentation en 2 secondes. Vous pouvez également remplir l’e-liquide et remplacer facilement la bobine (une tête de bobine de 0,5 ohm est incluse dans l’emballage. Si vous avez besoin de davantage de bobines, veuillez chercher ASIN: B07T6LQW48).
  • 【Garantie de sécurité et de qualité】 Nous promettons une garantie de qualité de 6 mois. Nous avons une équipe de service après-vente professionnelle pour faire les choses dans les 24 heures. * Il est interdit de vendre aux moins de 18 ans. En commandant ce produit sur Amazon.com, vous aurez 18 ans ou plus.*
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Joyetech eGO AIO Kit complet 1500 mah Noir - ( ne contient ni nicotine ni tabac )
  • Batterie de 1500 Mah Classique
  • Premier Appareil Avec Sécurité Enfant Protection anti fuite, peut se ranger dans une poche
  • E-liquid Illumination LED Avec 7 Changeable Couleurs
  • Débit D'air Réglable Contrôle et Astuce De Goutte À Goutte Avec Spiral Carburant Protection
  • Produit Original , authentification en ligne possible sur le site du fabriquant grace au numéro de série au dos de la boite.


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