La e-cigarette / Happy Fishing! Check out this week’s Big Bend fishing report

Hot, steamy and sunny, isn’t this what Florida is known for this time of year? On que, Labor Day weekend seems to always end the summer with a bang. This weekend will be no different with forecast highs in the mid 90’s, little wind and lots of sunshine.

Grouper season is back in. Not only are gag grouper fun to catch they’re super tasty fresh. This may be a great weekend to chase ‘em with the aforementioned conditions.

On your way out, look near the shorelines up and down the coast. Tarpon can be seen rolling on schools of bait fish. They’re a blast to catch, but don’t let your expectations get too high. Just hooking up with one is a moral victory. Landing one is a whole other story.

Have any of you ever used the Fish Rules Application? Until this week it was only for saltwater. I’ve personally been in a situation many, many times, where I’m unsure of local bag and size limits. There is an app available through FWC that will help you with all the rules and regulations on the fly. Until now it’s only been available to saltwater anglers.

Now, direct from FWC, the wait is over! Fish Rules App now includes freshwater fishing regulations. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is excited to announce that their successful partnership with the Fish Rules App has now expanded.

“The Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management is thrilled that the Fish Rules App is now available for freshwater.  “We encourage fresh and saltwater anglers to use the app whenever they are fishing one of Florida’s extraordinary waterbodies to stay up to date on fishing regulations as well as help them identify their catch.”

Fishing regulations change depending on your location, such as in a Fish Management Area. Enable location services in the Fish Rules App, and the app will automatically show you regulations for your actual position. The app is also partnering with the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council who manage fisheries off Florida in federal waters.

If you are unsure of the species you reeled in, the app also helps with fish identification. Swipe left or right on pictures of fish to see more pictures and clues on how to identify a fish. You can even sort fish by name or by picture.

If you have beautiful photos of your catch, Fish Rules is always looking for more photos to add to the app. Share your amazing shots by emailing them to Preferred shots include the fish being held horizontally and taking up as much of the image as possible. Learn more at fishrulesapp.

Who would have thought trolling motors would be able to network with GPS units to maintain a course or lock on to a spot. The last two weeks we’ve talked about trolling motors and GPS units, now let’s see how they’ve come together to make fishing that much more enjoyable..Er, fun? How about expenisive!

Starting around $1,300.00, they’re a great addition to the advanced angler’s inventory. The trolling motor is only one part of the deal, you’ll need another $1,000.00 to complete the team when you add your GPS. Freshwater or saltwater they have a purpose in either. Offshore, they’re great for using in place of a big, bulky anchor. You could be in 200’ of water or more and never get your hands wet or your shoulders sore from dropping and pulling an anchor.

They do have limitations and that’s with shaft size and battery longevity. Big water waves will inhibit the trolling motors ability to stay perfectly positioned if the foot of the unit keeps coming out of the water. Another detrimental factor is wind and current. Either will drain the battery life quicker as the motor works harder to stay positioned.

Inshore they’re great for fishing a weed line or long stretch of water without losing direction from wind or current. Both have their pros but the cons can outweigh the price on maneuverability or inability to navigate in thick vegetation.

Many with remote control can only be run with just that. If you lose power to your remote battery you’re done for the day or until you replace it. Try battling heavy current in a winding creek. Not easy when you’re fighting a 5lb largemouth or 10lb redfish.

Bottom line, do your research. Stay within your budget. Remember, just being on the water is a privilege. Treat it as such and enjoy this beautiful holiday weekend! Cliff “JR” Mundinger. Until next week, be safe have fun, practice “social fishdancing” and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!


Otto Hough ( says, “this past weekend on into the first couple of weekdays were definitely interlaced with pop-up showers and boomers. The best fishing opportunities came on the heels of all the passing overnight/morning storms. For the post full moon Labor Day holiday stretch ahead, it looks to be more summertime heat with light breezes and seas as well as lower chances for wet stuff. One thing for certain, it will be hot along with possible triple digit heat indices. The summertime daytime temps have served to keep the water temps in the high 80s. Low tides will be occurring late morning, progessing into noontime hour by Labor Day. Over three feet of water will be moving during the tidal swings into the late afternoon high with a like amount of water leaving past dark-thirty during the falling tides.

« Without question, fall temps just can’t get here soon enough to get those Apalachee Bay skinny water temps into ranges that will be liked by the trout. Over the long weekend, it’s going to be « get on ’em early » in the skinny water given the high 90 afternoon air temps in the forecast. Spend time working topwater offerings from safelight into the first few hours of the fishing day around the creek mouths as that tide drops out. When that sun begins to beam down hot starting in the nine o’clock hour or so, get ready to shift gears to slide over deeper waters to chase the trout on down in the water column over spotty bottoms. In waters from 4 to 7 feet, the Mirrolure Heavy Dines in the pink/chartreuse patterns have been producing quite well in clear waters. Further east around the Aucilla and Econfia river mouths, the 808 pattern in the Heavy Dines and Mirrodine XLs has been the go-to color scheme. A newcomer to my tackle bag, the little Yo-Zuri L-Minnow (S) M37 pattern has really been a surprise producer of both trout and redfish. It’s garnering lots of attention in the more tannin waters to the east near Aucilla. As always, around rock piles and submerged oyster bars, the Saltwater Assassin glow/chartreuse five inch jerk shad, aka « trout killer » has been turning heads when rigged on a 1/16th ounce wide gap worm hook.

« Sept. 1 marked not only the supposed calendar beginning of cooler nighttime temps, it also served as Opening Day for gag grouper in the state waters of the Big Bend Four County area. Sadly, bathtub water temps in waters 12 to 18 feet are keeping the legal gags from inching towards all those shallow water rock piles, though a number of juveniles have been hanging around the shallow water rock piles in spite of the hot water. There are definitely a goodly number of rock bass, aka black sea bass on the close-in rock piles that will pounce on most any jig offering. It’ll likely be another month before the bigger gags begin to arrive in the shallow waters. If Ma Nature continues down the hot path, it might even be later in October. For the sake of the small boat anglers, hopefully she’ll drop some cooler nighttime temps over the waters of the Big Bend in the not too distant future. Until then, it’s a run to at least 30 to 50 feet of water over live bottom to find quality gags.

« It’s definitely going to be hot to hotter over the holiday weekend. With the heat index forecast pushing triple digits before any relief appears, hydration is important. Remember, on the water it doesn’t take all too long to get dehydrated. Keep plenty of water, PowerAde or Gatorade on board for all, especially any kids that might be along as they dehydrate at a rapid rate. Being a long holiday weekend, there will definitely be crowds at the ramp. Please exercise ramp etiquette by prepping the boat for launch away from the ramp. And as always, boat with safety, wear those auto-inflatables. Then, just FISH! »

INLAND:  Same refrain, rain desperately needed over the Lake Jackson and Iamonia drainage basins. Few if any of the past afternoon showers and boomers have filled the rain gauges around either lake. While the bass at this point are still healthy and hungry, it won’t be long before dire straits appear in Jackson if Ma Nature doesn’t deliver some really significant amounts of rain soon. As for launching, it’s down to jon boats, canoes and kayaks in Jackson. Over on Iamonia, there’s still a good amount of water with launching of most any size boat possible at the ramp at the end of Iamonia Landing Rd. Launching the bigger bass boats at Bull Headley ramp is beginning to get a bit more challenging with each passing day, though still doable.


Captain Russ Knapp (850-653-5072) reports, “it looks like the weather Gods are going to smile upon us this weekend for once as the seas are forecast  to be 1 to 2 feet and the wind blowing 5 to 10 mph. It’s going to be hot so make sure everybody stays hydrated and put on a lot of sunblock and avoid being a favored customer at the dermatologist .

« Sept. 1marked the opening of the fall Gag Grouper season till Dec 31 with the added bonus of a reopening of Grey Triggerfish season till October 25.  The shallow water reefs should be holding good numbers of Gags so try trolling a Stretch 20 or 30 until you locate them and then go with bait on the bottom.  Live bait is always your best choice but dead bait will also put them in the box just not as well. »

In the bay Captain Randy Peart (850) 320 4214) says be ready to look a bit to find fish after the weather and flood of fresh water last weekend.  Captain Randy suggests for Trout, drift the flats starting at the drop off with a DOA jerk bait or Gulp shrimp 18″ under a Cajun Thunder.  Redfish should be hanging around the oyster bars and in the Cut but be very careful drifting the Cut with the holiday weekend traffic jam. Holiday weekends do  bring out a lot of boats that may not have the most experienced and careful Captains on board so please use an extra amount of caution and assume nothing regarding rules of the road . Off the beach you be able to find nice Whiting with a few Trout and Redfish mixed in fishing a small circle hook with a small bit of fresh shrimp should do the trick .

On the COVID 19 front we now have 551 cases in Franklin County with the state prison having a large share of them so as always PLEASE social distance and wear a mask in closed areas.  While there are very conflicting opinions about wearing masks my opinion is its better to be safe than sorry and it can’t hurt.


Captain Pat McGriff One More Cast (850-838-7541) says “I guess I sound like a broken record folks but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! We had our limit of trout to 20” Tuesday mostly  in 4.5 – 5.5 feet of water  with Live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders. Went in shallow for reds and got one keeper and one short. Added four trout to the box while in 3.0 – 3.5 ft. of water. Had to find the right color of water as we fished over an hour before we caught our first keeper. Water temps were 84 –85 degrees.  Will catch them again this weekend. »


Captain Kevin Lanier (KC 850-933-8804 says “With the storms passing this weekend looks like it will be a good opportunity to get offshore here in the eastern Panhandle of Florida. The inshore water may still be a little cloudy but deep water should be nice and clean. Any time we have a long spell off the water the first trips back out we are in the search mode. There are spots that you know hold fish so that is where I start. I will start looking in at least 100 feet of water

« I always make sure I have live bait in the tank and at each stop drop one down to see what may be hanging around. Vermillion Snapper are our go to fish but, as of September 1st, Trigger fish are open to retention. We are still hoping that the Amberjack bite will improve. Try a high-speed vertical jig to get these fish fired up. To do this you will need a rod with a lot of back bone and a fast tip. I use the FSU60MH from Rainshadow rods for my jigs. As the weather starts working toward Fall watch for the Red fish to moving more and Trout fishing to pick up as well. Bull Minnows, Shrimp, and small pin fish will do the trick on these fish. Early morning or just before dark watch for tails and wakes in the shallows. Until next time, Good Fishing. »


I love bass and crappie fishing as do thousands of others. The little bit of rain that fell this past week is just a tease. Water levels still at a minimum on Lake Jackson. One staple through all this isOyster Island Bait and Tackle, located at Sunset Landing county park. Larry Henderson runs the bait shop. He’s there like clock work, I call him “The mailman of bait shops”. Rain sleet hail or snow, Larry will be there. He’s very knowledgeable what’s going on with area lakes, rivers and ponds. He also rents canoes. Now is the perfect time to take a canoe out on Lake Jackson with the low water levels. One advantage is no bass boats to make giant wakes or worry about getting run over. Larry sells shiners, crickets, worms and terminal tackle. So if it’s live bait fishing you’re going to do stop in and see the Mailman!

Until next week, be safe have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating.Facebook@flpanhandleoutdoors. Email Cliff “JR Mundinger 850-296-4071

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