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Using weed can be fun, relaxing and healing for some people, thanks to cannabinoids. However, regular cannabis use can cause a buildup of THC metabolites. This usually isn’t a problem, unless you’re subject to mandatory drug screenings, in which case you can get in trouble.

Our body needs only a few days to process and eliminate most drugs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with weed – its psychoactive compounds stay within our system for a long time and are very difficult to flush out. In this research, we’ll try to find the best THC detox products to accelerate cleansing process.

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What Is Marijuana Detox?

To understand what detox is and how it works, we must first explain how THC gets stuck in your system:

  • THC and other cannabinoids are lipid-soluble compounds, which means they’re easily stored in our fatty tissue.
  • Our bodies keep lipids as a natural reserve, which gets metabolized only when the body needs to increase energy levels.
  • As a result, those metabolites only get released when the body burns stored lipids.

Once the body burns lipids, it releases stored THC-COOH, sending it back into the bloodstream. No, it won’t get you high this time, but it will be further processed and expelled, and therefore can be detected by urine drug screens, which look for marijuana use. There are several factors that affect breakdown of tetrahydrocannabinol:

Weed Consumption & Strain Potency
The more weed you consume, the more THC is entering your body. The same rule applies to highly potent strains that contain higher amount of THC.
BMI (Body Mass Index)
As we said before, THC is lipid-soluble, and higher amount of body fat means more gets absorbed and stored in your system, which can be very difficult to expel. However, this also works the other way around, as people with lower BMI usually retain fewer THC metabolites.
Physical activity also plays a vital role in the elimination of THC, since our system can expel it through sweat. Working out burns fatty acids and pushes cannabis back into the blood, from where it’s flushed out through urine.

THC-COOH has a half-life of seven days, meaning every week your THC concentrations decrease by half. This means that, provided you stop using, your body will naturally detoxify on its own. Depending on your weed consumption and how potent it was, detoxification may take from a few days to several months to complete.

Why Detox From Weed?

There are different reasons as to why a person would want to detoxify from weed.

Tolerance Break
Some people wish to do a T-break, which involves abstaining from weed for days or even weeks. Tolerance breaks can reignite the relationship you have with the herb. As that happens, your cannabinoid receptors, once bombarded with THC, are now waking up again.
Preparing For Drug Test
Another reason to detoxify is a mandatory drug test. During drug testing, labs will look for THC-COOH, so it’s a good idea to stop using weed and cleanse your body. In contrast to voluntary tolerance breaks, failing a drug screen can get you in trouble with the law.
Withdrawal Symptoms
While some argue that weed causes no addiction, the inevitable fact is that quitting weed can cause unpleasant symptoms. Light cannabis users usually have no issues when it comes to cleansing. But for medical or heavy weed smoker, abstaining might cause withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, depression and anxiety.

Home Remedies & Myths

Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with DIY methods that are useless at best, but can also have detrimental effect on your health. We advise you to stay away from these home remedies and stick to proper detox options that we’ll discuss later in this paper. For now, let’s debunk some misconceptions about detoxification.

Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice is one of the most popular home remedies you can find online. And though it will indeed make you urinate more frequently, cranberry juice lacks the ability to deal with THC traces in your system.
Apple Cider Vinegar
ACV is well-known for its cleaning properties, but when it comes to weed, its effectiveness is so minute it’s negligible. It does help you reduce the number of body fat cells, and subsequently stored THC, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a proper cleanse.
Bentonite Clay
Bentonite clay has many properties that are beneficial to human health. There’s evidence that it can remove traces of heavy metals and other impurities from your system when ingested1. But despite its powerful detoxifying abilities, bentonite clay can’t effectively flush out THC from your system, at least not in a short time frame.
Sauna may seem like a proper strategy, considering that you need to burn lipids to expel cannabinoids. However, you’ll achieve more significant metabolism increase by jogging, rather than sitting in steamy place.
Do not, under any circumstances, ingest harsh chemicals thinking they will detoxify you from tetrahydrocannabinol. They will, however, damage your internal mucous membranes, and a larger dose may cause coma or even death.

Tips For Natural Weed Detox

For maximum efficiency of your weed cleanse, it’s always a good idea to adhere to natural detox rules. In that case, abstinence is vital as it prevents introduction of new THC toxins into the body. Remember, by abstaining for only a week,your drug metabolite number will drop by 50%. There are ways to further aid this process, but we’ll discuss them a bit later.

Drinking Water
Drinking 3-4 liters of water or herbal teas a day is an excellent way to aid natural cleansing without excessive urine dilution. Keep in mind that drinking too much water removes vital electrolytes from your body, and can lead to water intoxication.
Lemon Juice
To prevent loss of vital electrolytes from your body, you can make lemon water. Adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to 500ml of water is enough to give it some extra punch in the form of vitamins and electrolytes. Just remember to abstain from weed for it to be effective.
Avoid caffeine as much as you can, or at least reduce it. While coffee and green tea provide many health benefits, caffeine interferes with healthy drug metabolism and makes it difficult for the liver to process residual THC.
Healthy Diet
We recommend that you stay away from junk food during cleansing. Avoid fatty foods, as THC binds to lipids easily, while sugar and sodium increase water retention. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can significantly speed up detox by expelling cannabinoids through bowel movement.

How To Clean Your System Of Weed Fast?

However, without a special drug detox product, natural cleansing process can take months. If you do use a proper marijuana cleanse, this time will be reduced to couple of days or a week, depending on quantity of cannabis in your body. Using a specialized THC detox kit can significantly increase drug metabolism rate in your body.

Detox Drinks

Cannabis detox drinks are specially formulated beverages that help flush out your urinary tract. To be more specific, detox drinks temporarily clear your bladder, giving you time to produce clean urine sample and pass a drug test.

The downside of using detox drinks is that they provide a limited time during which your urine is clean. After their effects wear off, cannabis compounds will slowly re-enter your pee, causing positive drug test results again.

Detox Pills

THC detox pills are popular cleansing supplements, which don’t substitute a proper detox routine that includes abstinence from any illicit substances, including weed. Instead, they help natural detox, cutting down its time by almost 50%.

The herbal ingredients assist body’s natural detox2, eliminating marijuana metabolites and free radicals from your system so you can pass a drug test. These tablets are an ideal solution for heavy marijuana users and people with high BMI.

Detox Kits

These are the best marijuana flush products available on the market. Good kit usually includes pre-cleanse pills and dietary fibers, which you ingest before a urine test according to the instructions provided with the respective detox kit.

Best detox kits are a permanent cleanse solution, meaning they clean not only your pee, but also your blood and saliva, making your body free of drug toxins and able to pass any drug test.

Best Detox Products For THC

There are several available options for drug test cleanse such as detox drinks and pills, but they work best when combined into weed detoxification kits.

Please be advised that cannabis detox works for all drugs (including nicotine and alcohol use), despite advertising. However, THC is notoriously hard to get rid of3, and removing it from your system requires more time.

1. Toxin Rid

This 10 day permanent cleanse is designed for people with extreme THC levels and consists of 150 capsules, detox liquid and dietary fiber. The formula contains only natural herbs like burdock root, milk thistle and dandelion, with the addition of vitamin B complex to aid detoxification.

We strongly recommend this 10-day course to any heavy user. In addition, there’s 5 day detox program, which is best for users with moderate toxin exposure who smoke weed several times a week. You can learn more in our full review or on the official website:

Toxin Rid 10 Day detox program

2. Rescue Detox

Rescue 10-day detox pill kit is our ultra budget pick for permanent detox programs. The product is designed to eliminate built-up toxin levels from the body of light to medium smokers and includes ICE capsules for last day flush. In case you don’t have 10 days to prepare, Rescue 5 day detox program is your last resort. This course will yield best results for light weed smoker.

Like other drug detox pills, Rescue Detox will only be effective if you adhere to the rules of natural detox and abstain from introducing new drug toxins into your body. Here’s a link to the official store:

Rescue 10-day detox

3. Detoxify Mega Clean

This detox drink, made by a company named Detoxify, is the most popular same day urine detoxifier, which has been helping people to pass drug tests for more than a decade. The product is made of various B vitamins and minerals, creatine, niacin and natural diuretics like Burdock root and Uva Ursi leaves.

Light smokers have low amounts of THC-COOH in their body, and one bottle of this drink should be enough to purge their system. Heavy weed consumers, however, may want to resort to 2-3 day or longer Toxin Rid kit and consume this drink on the day of urine test.

view of mega clean bottle

4. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

This is another famous same day flushing drink, which works best for casual or moderate weed user. The great thing about Rescue is that it provides a 5-hour safe zone, which is more than enough to produce a urine sample for drug testing.

Still, using this detox drink alone is not recommended to heavy weed smokers, as their Δ9-THC deposits are much higher. In this situation, it can be combined with 5-day or longer detox pill course. You can learn more in our review or jump to the official store:

Rescue Cleanse and Pre-Cleanse bundle

5. Rescue Detox ICE

Up next is a nicely flavored detox drink that contains creatine and natural diuretics that aid the expulsion of cannabinoids from your system. Rescue Detox ICE provides you with a window of five hours during which you should produce a sample and submit it for urine testing.

We recommend ICE only for light smokers, since it’s missing some ingredients present in two previous drinks. Otherwise, it can be combined with a course of flushing tablets from the same manufacturer to form a budget detox option. You can find both in the official store:

ICE drink bottles

Make Sure To Avoid These Products

After we’ve mentioned best detox supplements, we must bring your attention to widely advertised fake and low quality kits, which lack strength to flush marijuana from your system and help you pass a drug test. You should avoid brands below, as people who’ve used them reported high chances of failure.

  • GNC Detox Drinks And Pills
  • Nutra Cleanse
  • Stinger Detox
  • Green Gone
  • Ultra THC Magic Detox
  • Verdant Herbals
  • Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex
  • Potable Aqua Tablets

Frequently Asked Questions

Having valid information can help you pass a drug test, while relying on rumors most certainly will make you fail. To remove any doubts you might have, we’ll answer the most common queries.

Where To Buy Detox Drinks Near Me?

Pharmacies like GNC and Walgreens sell marijuana detoxes regularly without prescription. You can even them at Walmart and other supermarkets. However, these house brands are not recommended as we’ve mentioned above. Detox drinks are also available at e-commerce stores like Amazon or eBay, but these are often fake, expired or compromised in some other way.

Still, don’t be discouraged from ordering detox drinks online; in fact, it’s highly recommended, provided you’re buying from official website or licensed supplier. The stores we’ve linked in this research are reputable, discreet, and most of them offer same day shipping.

Do Detox Drinks Work For Drug Tests?

Yes, drug detox drinks can be used for Δ9-THC or any other drug, but they only work for a couple of hours. When their effects wear off, your urine will be contaminated again, and you might get caught. Unlike THC detox kits, flush drinks don’t permanently cleanse your system; instead, they use diuretics to mask substances in your system.

Can Drug Tests Detect Detox?

Labs only test for illicit substances and other adulterants. Best detox pills for THC contain only natural herbal extracts, which won’t be detected during testing. Some DIY methods may dilute your urine by making you drink a lot of water. Overly diluted urine may come up as an indicator of drug use, so it’s best to stick to specialized products.

What To Use If I Don’t Have Time To Detox THC?

Getting a short notice about upcoming drug test leaves you with very little time to detox properly. Some of the best detox drinks can be taken 24 hours before a drug test, but it’s risky. Our advice is to substitute your pee with synthetic urine (more info) as it’s probably the best way for passing a urine drug test successfully.

Do Marijuana Flush Kits Work For Hair Test?

Detoxing kits only work for urine, blood and saliva. Due to mechanics of human hair growth, even the best detox supplements do not affect THC that’s stuck in your strands, especially since hair drug tests can go back up to 90 days. If you’re a subject to follicle testing, we highly advise that you use specially formulated hair follicle shampoos.

Do Detox Drinks Work For Opiates?

Yes, opioid breakdown is pretty much the same as with any other drug such as meth. They stay in your urine for about 2-7 days. The body naturally detoxifies pretty much the same way, no matter what toxins are, and it does so through sweat and urine. Using the best detox drinks can significantly increase your chances of passing a drug test by masking your preferred substance.


Performing a tolerance break or preparing for a drug test can be quite tricky at times. Achieving natural detox is the best way to safely expel drug metabolites from your system. But if you need to flush out residual weed fast, we recommend using high-quality detox pills and drinks described in this guide, to aid your detox process.

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