La e-cigarette , 15 Of The Most Sexually Explicit TV Shows

6 Sex and The City June 6, 1998 – February 22, 2004

Sex and The City was a massively successful sitcom that aired on HBO. The series revolved around the lives of four female best friends in their 30’s and 40’s, living in New York City. It followed them as they dealt with love, friendships, relationships and of course, sex. That should be obvious because it’s not called The City. The series also dealt with such issues as, promiscuity, femininity and safe sex. The series featured intense sexuality and graphic nudity. It’s considered a groundbreaking series because it was one of the first to feature strong sexual content. After the series ended, two feature films and a prequel series was released. The series won 7 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and is widely considered one of the best shows of all time.

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